Are Invisalign Aligners Ideal for Patients of all Ages?

Are Invisalign Aligners Ideal for Patients of all Ages?

Feb 01, 2023

Aligners are something that has become excessively popular over some time. Thanks to their advanced characteristics like invisibility and flexibility of use. These plastic aligners are the perfect solution for correcting the alignments of your teeth structure. Although braces do the same thing for you and could be more effective, aligners are a good solution.

Why Do People Prefer Aligners?

Aligners get preference because of their invisible nature. Besides this, they are removable. It means you can remove them while eating, which is a good facility for patients. There is a long list of benefits people usually get from Invisalign in Caledon, ON like teeth straightening. Let us unfold some of them.

Fewer Chances for Infections

As aligners are removable, you won’t require to keep them inside 24*7. You can remove them while eating and properly clean your mouth so that there aren’t any food particles left.

Food remaining always causes infections and tooth decay. If you are getting aligners as a treatment for restructuring teeth, there won’t be any such change.

Age Criteria to Have Aligners

When it comes to age criteria for adopting aligners for alignment correction of teeth, age is not a concern. Aligners work on all age groups – 6-year children to 60 years mature adults.

Aligners for 6-10 Years Kids

If we talk about kids, they can wear them from the phase they start developing their permanent teeth. Aligner deals with gaps and restrictions and helps to adopt the right structure and alignment of the overall teeth set. They are also useful to make a room for the proper development of permanent teeth inside your kid’s mouth.

Aligners for Teenagers

Teenagers are fully aware of their dental structure. Clear Aligners do an excellent job of straightening their teeth and making their smile perfect. When a kid reaches their teenage, they become extremely cautious about their looks and appearance.

Space between the teeth and crowded and misaligned teeth structure is a common problem. Aligners work wonders on the issues and help teenagers to boost their confidence. Aligners are highly popular among youth because of their invisible nature.

Teenagers never want to show others their treatment, and aligners do this to them effectively. There is no age specification for having Invisalign treatment. They are extremely beneficial in all age groups, including people in their 50s and 60s.

Who Is Not Adequate for Having Invisalign?

Although age is not a factor in getting aligners, other conditions may not fit with the treatment.

Missing Tooth

If you have one or more missing teeth, aligners are not the right choice. It’s because the emptiness of the space will not let the aligners do their proper work. Apart from this, it would be difficult for your dentist to make perfect aligners. These days aligners are available with gaps, but their effectiveness is under question.

Gum Diseases

If you have severe gum diseases, aligners are not a perfect choice for you. They may worsen the conditions and symptoms of the disease. These acute gum diseases are due to poor oral hygiene and unmindful eating habits.

If your lifestyle includes poor oral hygiene and eating habits, these diseases will attack you early in life. You would even lose the capability of being adaptive to aligners and other corrective measures. Take qualified advice from experienced dentists in such cases.

People Wear Dentures and Bridges

If you wear dentures and bridges, aligners can’t show their results. It’s because they work only on a natural complete set of teeth. There might be solutions. Thus, you should discuss the options with your dentist.

Severe Crowded and Misaligned Teeth

Another disadvantage of aligners is that they are less effective on overly crowded teeth. Inconvenience to use aligners can make tough corrections because they are meant not to deal with them. In such situations, only braces can work efficiently on them. Aligners can make corrections in minor misalignments or gaps.

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Aligners are an ideal corrective dental treatment for all ages, except for some exceptions. If you want a high-quality Invisalign in Caledon, ON for you, a friend, or your family member, Kennedy North Dentistry is the right place to approach.

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