Are You Aware of How Dental Bonding Helps Prevent Infections in Your Mouth?

Are You Aware of How Dental Bonding Helps Prevent Infections in Your Mouth?

Oct 01, 2021

Dental bonding in Caledon, ON, is an excellent procedure to hide minor chips, cracks, discolored teeth and broken teeth from impacting your smile and is suggested by dentists as a non-invasive treatment for correcting these issues. Dental bonding is considered a cosmetic dental procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

The dentist in Caledon, ON, completes the dental bonding procedure in one visit to their office. You don’t need local anesthesia when undergoing the process of getting your teeth bonded. You walk into the dentist’s office with your dental imperfections and walk out without any dental flaws affecting your smile. However, are you aware this cosmetic procedure also helps prevent infections in your mouth while enhancing the appearance of your teeth? If not, please continue reading to understand why you must have your dental imperfections treated with dental bonding.

Why Do You Consider Dental Bonding As Appropriate for Your Needs?

When you consider cosmetic bonding teeth to improve the dental flaws affecting you, the concerns impacting your smile are overbearing in your mind. You think getting your teeth bonded will give you the freedom to smile as you please without trying to hide it by raising your palms. Let us look at what happens if you have a cracked tooth that you think hinders your smile.

Cracked teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria in your mouth besides being a spot for food particles and debris to accumulate. Allowing the bacteria to remain between the cracks enjoying themselves on the food particles, is an invitation for them to deposit acids on your teeth and penetrate the tooth enamel. The damages created by the bacteria may require expensive treatments from dentists or even extractions requiring you to search for tooth replacement solutions.

If you prefer cosmetic bonding on the cracked tooth, the procedure helps seal the cracks preventing food particles from accumulating in the area and preventing bacteria from working overtime to create dental damages.

Getting resin bonded teeth is not expensive and costs merely $ 300-$ 600 per tooth, far less than costly dental treatments you may need if you leave the cracks unattended. Therefore when you consider getting dental bonding, you must also think of how the procedure will prevent numerous dental infections besides merely concentrating on your teeth’s appearance that impacts your smile.

How to Prepare for Dental Bonding?

Preparing for dental bonding is easy because you must have your dental health evaluated by Kennedy North dentistry to determine whether you are suitable for the procedure. However, if you have extensive tooth decay or damages to your teeth, the dentist near me recommends alternative measures like dental crowns or veneers as an appropriate option. If you are considered suitable for the dental bonding procedure, you need to prepare financially because dental insurers will not support the treatment.

The Dental Bonding Treatment

As mentioned earlier, the dentist completes the dental bonding treatment in one visit to their office. Each tooth requires approximately 30 minutes to one hour to bond a broken tooth or complete chipped tooth repair.

The dentist starts the procedure using a shade chart to select the composite resin color best matches the color of your remaining teeth. The targeted tooth or teeth are roughed up with gentle phosphoric acid to allow the bonding material to adhere to the tooth. Approximately 15 seconds after applying the phosphoric acid, the dentist applies the composite resin material and begins shaping and sculpting the tooth to the desired shape. The dentist uses ultraviolet light to harden the composite resin, which remains open to further sculpting if required after hardening.

Is Dental Bonding Safe?

Dental bonding is a safe and effective procedure to hide most minor dental flaws. The bonding material remains on your teeth for approximately five to seven years, after which replacements are needed. If you feel any rough edges around the bonded teeth, contact the dentist in Caledon for help if required.

Dental bonding remains an excellent treatment not merely to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile but also to prevent dental infections from affecting you because you didn’t seek remedies for the cracked teeth. Therefore, you will benefit if you don’t consider dental bonding merely a cosmetic procedure because it also helps prevent dental infections from festering in your mouth by sealing the minor dental flaws impacting your smile.

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