Can At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Damage Teeth?

Can At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Damage Teeth?

May 03, 2023

Everyone desires to have white-looking teeth. However, things go differently than planned due to frequent smoking and consumption of teeth-staining foods and drinks like coffee, red wine, tea, and berries. Fortunately, there are different methods to restore the white color of our teeth. One of the methods is professional teeth whitening. Going for teeth whitening in Caledon, ON is recommended, as the dental professional will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums before proceeding with the treatment. The other method involves purchasing at-home teeth whitening kits.

One concern with these over-the-counter teeth whitening kits is whether they are safe. You’ve come to the right place if you’d want to know if at-home teeth whitening kits can damage your teeth. Keep on reading to learn more.

What Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits?

At-home teeth whitening kits are a collection of tubes and trays filled with whitening syringes or gels. They include moldable trays, trays with LED lights, and whitening strips.

These teeth whitening products contain hydrogen or carbamide peroxide used to remove the teeth stains. The trays in these kits help bleach by holding the whitening gels in constant contact with your teeth.

You might be wondering if these kits are effective, and the truth is they are, but they still have their limitations. This is because the kits are effective in removing particular stains and discoloration. So, the most effective way of eliminating the tough stains on your teeth is by visiting the dentist in Caledon for professional teeth whitening.

Pros Of At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

  • They are affordable- if you’re on a budget and are looking to whiten your teeth, opting for these kits would be best.
  • You can whiten your smile on your own time- you will have to visit the dental clinic according to the schedule given. However, with home teeth whitening kits, you won’t have to clear your schedule to brighten your smile. You can do the procedure when you’re free.
  • You can trust the process- at-home teeth whitening is not as dramatic as the professional one. Therefore, you will begin to notice the change in your teeth.
  • They are simple and easy to use- you won’t have to struggle at all to use these kits as they’re meant to be used by people who do not know about dentistry.

Cons Of At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

  • They can cause tooth sensitivity- after using these home kits, you might experience some pain when you drink something hot or drink. Avoid vigorous brushing and use fluoride toothpaste to reduce the sensitivity.
  • There is no guarantee that the whitening kit you bought will work- the disadvantage of at-home teeth whitening kits is that there are numerous of them. Some of the kits sold in the pharmacies are there to make a profit rather than to help the customers. So, do your due diligence before purchasing a home kit.
  • The wrong kit can cause discoloration of your teeth- if you don’t buy the correct whitening kit, it can have negative kits on your teeth. This could be due to using a low-quality whitening kit, or you’re not using the kit as per the instructions indicated.

Tips When Evaluating At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Follow the instructions- it is essential that you read the instructions carefully before using any teeth whitening products.

Ensure the strips fit- using trays that don’t fit properly can lead to gum irritation. This is because the whitening gel will come in contact with your gums, irritating them. You can prevent gum irritation by choosing whitening strips that fit nicely to secure your teeth.

Do your due diligence- when it comes to oral health, you can never have too much information. So, take your time to research home teeth whitening products. This might include researching various online products and what others say about them.

Talk with a dental professional- discuss the various options for whitening your teeth with the dentist in Caledon. Your dentist can provide vital information about these whitening kits and which is the best. In addition, the dentist can also perform an oral exam and determine whether it is safe to whiten your teeth or you’ll need to undergo treatment, say for gum disease, before proceeding.

There are different ways to whiten your teeth, and it all goes down to what you’re comfortable with, your goals, and your budget. If you need help determining which method is best, visit Kennedy North Dentistry, and our dentist will help you choose.

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