Can Fluoride Treatment Make Teeth Sensitive?

Can Fluoride Treatment Make Teeth Sensitive?

Mar 01, 2022

Not just kids, individuals of every age group are at the risk of getting cavities on their teeth. As we age, our teeth become prone to bacteria, which lead to root and tooth decay. Thus, if you are an adult at a high risk of getting caries or have poor oral hygiene habits, you must get professional fluoride treatment regularly.

A professional fluoride treatment in Caledon, ON is one of the easiest dental treatments you can receive in a dental office at Kennedy North Dentistry.

This preventive therapy allows your body to fight against cavities naturally. So, by preventing decay, you reduce the amount of money spent on your dental care for the long term.

When Is Fluoride Treatment Important?

This preventive treatment is essential for people with:

1. Dry Mouth Conditions

Dry mouth in humans is caused by a few medicines (high bp, antihistamines, etc.), Sjögren’s syndrome, and neck and head radiation treatment. They also increase tooth decay. The deficiency of saliva makes it hard for food bits to be rinsed away and balance the acids in the mouth.

2. Dental Bridges, Caps, or Braces Installed

These dental treatments make the teeth prone to decay at a point around the brackets of orthodontic devices or where the dental cap joins the tooth structure.

3. Gum Diseases

Periodontitis exposes sensitive root surfaces of teeth to the bacteria in the mouth. It results in fast decay.

4. History of Frequent Caries in the Mouth

If you are tired of dealing with the cavity from one year to the next, we advise you to take advantage of fluoride treatment.

Can Dental Fluoride Treatment Cause Sensitivity in Teeth?

No. Fluoride treatment does not result in teeth sensitivity. Did you know countless adults prefer the treatment to get rid of sensitive teeth problems?

Yes. Professional fluoride treatments make teeth cleaning much more easier and comfortable for people struggling with sensitivity in teeth.

Sensitive teeth make some activities like eating food, drinking, and brushing teeth hard. Sometimes, it can lead to a temporary ache in the teeth. Teeth sensitivity is due to worn-out enamel or when tooth roots are exposed. Discomfort in teeth may also be due to other factors like a chipped or cracked tooth, gum diseases, or dental caries.

As per the American Dental Association, an individual needs to have professional fluoride treatment at the dentist’s office near them after every three, six, or twelve months, depending on their oral health.

Fluoride Treatment Procedure

When you book fluoride treatment, the dental expert applies fluoride to the sensitive regions of teeth in varnish, gel, or foam form. It helps in lowering toothache and makes enamel strong.

The dentist asks you to avoid drinking and eating for almost half an hour.

The professional also recommends prescription fluoride at home. It is applied through a customized fluoride tray. Make sure you share your full dental history with him/her.

Note: If you notice white spots on teeth due to the excess consumption of excess fluoride, fluorosis treatment from a skilled cosmetic dentist near me can help you enhance the appearance of your smile.

Tips to Prevent Sensitive Teeth

Here is how you can prevent sensitivity in teeth from reoccurring:

1. Brush teeth two times every day. Make sure you use a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste.

2. Do not skip flossing regularly. Apply soft strokes while scrubbing your tongue.

3. Be extra careful when drinking or consuming highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits, wine, carbonated drinks, etc. They all wear away a small amount of tooth enamel with time. Make use of a straw when drinking acidic liquids.

Drink water to balance the acidic levels in the mouth after eating or drinking an acidic substance.

4. If you are at high risk of bruxism, talk to your dentist in Caledon about the condition and get a mouth guard for the night.

Get Benefit of Topical Fluoride Dental Treatment Now

Fluoride treatments are as vital in fighting decay as in strengthening growing teeth. They are mainly crucial for the healthy oral development of kids – from infant age till 16. These treatments are also beneficial for adult teeth. If you need fluoride treatment, call our office today!

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