Here's All That Oral Cancer Screening Entails

Here's All That Oral Cancer Screening Entails

Dec 01, 2021

Cancers are always a dreary subject. That is mainly because they are almost always considered a death sentence until proven otherwise. Oral cancers are not a very common topic in the cancer discussion, but they are worthy of discussion because they are the primary dental cancer. You may have noticed that oral cancer screenings are sometimes part of the routine checks your dentist performs for you. In this article, we will discuss all you should know about oral cancers.

A cancer is excessive abnormal growth of, cells and tissues. When this happens in the mouth, it is known as oral cancer. When cancerous cells are detected early; they can be treated entirely with no future complications. The primary goal of an oral cancer test is to find any form of uneven development in the mouth that can result in mouth cancer later in the future. Oral cancer screening is the process to detect the overgrowth of cells in the mouth which cause damage to the tissues located in the mouth.

Cancer has not been associated with specific micro-organisms, but research has clarified that cancer can occur due to an unhygienic lifestyle. Different factors can further expose you to oral cancer. They are  as follows:

  • Heavy smoking of tobacco of any type
  • Significant history of exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • consumption of unhealthy food
  • Age
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Over the years, the total number of patients screened and diagnosed with oral cancer has increased. When you visit Kennedy North Dentistry for your oral cancer screening, our dentist looks out for the following symptoms

  • Red patches in your mouth
  • uneven spots that bleed consistently
  • lump in the mouth
  • Pain when you chew with your teeth
  • pain in the ear while chewing
  • Drastic weight loss

These symptoms mean you are at risk of developing Oral cancer if not immediately attended to. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, walk into our office for Oral cancer screening in Caledon, ON.  Oral cancer can be detected anywhere in and around your mouth. It includes the Tongue, Lips, Cheeks, Sinuses, Throat, Jaw.  If oral cancer is not diagnosed at an earlier stage, it is deadly. That is why you need to go oral cancer screening near you.

During the process of oral cancer screening tests, your dentist will have to check the inside of your mouth to check for colored patches or sores in your mouth. Using a sterile glove, your dentist will check for uneven growth in the mouth as this can be the bedrock for cancerous cells. In some cases, your dentist will need to check your throat and neck if there is inflammation.

The dentist can also use a different method other than an oral test to diagnose oral cancer, and this can be a complement to the oral examination. The tests could be;

  • Oral Cancer screening dye. The dentist will provide you with a blue dye before the test. The abnormal cells will swallow up the dye and become blue.
  • Oral Cancer screening light: the dentist will help direct light into your mouth during the oral screening, and this light will make the abnormal cells appear white and healthy ones dark. That will help your dentist decide without a doubt which cells to put out. After all of the processes mentioned above, your dentist sees a sign of cancerous cell; they might recommend the following
  • A follow-up visit to check if the abnormal cell is still present and note whether it has stopped growing or persists.
  • A procedure to get a cell out of the mouth to check if the cancerous cell is still present. If it is present, you may be referred to a dentist specializing in oral cancer diagnosis and treatment processes.
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