How Can Dental Sealants Help Adults Prevent Cavities?

How Can Dental Sealants Help Adults Prevent Cavities?

Aug 01, 2023

Tooth decay is a prevalent oral health problem globally, as it is in Canada, and entirely preventable. There is a misconception that children are most vulnerable to this problem, although the CDC reports 26 percent of adults have at least one untreated cavity. It might sound scary, but at least 92 percent of the population has a hole in one permanent tooth. Under the circumstances, you might wonder whether adults can also consider getting dental sealants on their molars.

Yes, adults can also get tooth sealants to prevent cavities on their back teeth. While sealants are routinely recommended for children when their back teeth erupt, no teeth are too old to take advantage of the protection offered by dental sealants to have a cavity-free smile.

When dental sealants were introduced in the 60s to protect cavity-prone teeth, they were not designed exclusively for children’s molars but all teeth. Therefore adults can consider getting their molars sealed with this excellent bond on their teeth to keep food particles and bacteria from remaining trapped and eroding tooth enamel, causing holes to develop.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants provided by the dentist in Caledon are a preventive measure to protect cavity-prone molars from decay. The chewing surfaces of the molars are painted with a clear plastic coating to help create a barrier in the deep pits and fissures of the dental crown. After application, a unique curing light hardens the bond in minutes to combat tooth decay by creating a smooth surface on the back teeth. The procedure is painless and affordable for children with dental insurance and discount plans, reducing costs further. However, adults considering protecting their molars must discuss the price of the therapy with the Caledon dentist before seeking treatment from them.

Who Benefits from Dental Sealants?

Although dental sealants are widely recommended for children, it doesn’t indicate they are ineffective for adults. Insurance providers only cover dental sealants for children under 18. However, no one is too old for dental sealants. Adults with specific situations are candidates for this treatment, especially if they want to benefit from the following:

The sealants protect against 80 percent of cavities for two years after an application which remains ongoing for another four years against 50 percent of holes. The bonds themselves stay on the teeth for up to 9 years but require monitoring by the dentist during regular checkups and cleanings because they are prone to chipping and cracking. Therefore adults vulnerable to tooth decay or having weakened enamel can consider dental sealants in Caledon, ON, to minimize the risk. In addition, the biochemistry of saliva alters with age in a harmful way making sealants an effective remedy to preserve your smile. Request the Caledon dentist for a preventive measure against tooth decay. They will evaluate your oral health and discuss your concerns to ascertain whether dental sealants suit your situation.

The Dental Sealant Procedure

Although dental sealants require a visit to the dentist near me, the placement procedure is entirely painless and completed by the dentist in minutes. After cleaning your molars, the dentist will apply an etching solution on their surfaces to sterilize them and keep them dry with absorbent material. The dentist requests you rinse your mouth before drying the molars again to apply the plastic coating to seal the tooth pits and fissures over the teeth and create a smoother surface making it easier to clean by brushing. Finally, ultraviolet light helps the dentist harden the material to complete the treatment.

While dental sealants are also suitable for adults, they are ineffective against teeth with restorations such as fillings. Therefore adults without tooth restorations can consider dental sealants as a preventive measure on their back teeth against cavities to have a flawless smile.

Dental sealants, although effective against cavities, are not a substitute for brushing and flossing. Brushing and flossing are fundamental to prevent tooth decay, besides getting six-monthly dental checkups and cleanings from dentists to eliminate dental plaque and tartar constantly forming on the teeth. In addition, adults must limit having sugary and starchy foods and avoid acidic teeth responsible for causing enamel erosion.

Adults with unrestored teeth can apply dental sealants on their molars to prevent cavities from developing on them and require expensive dental therapies to restore teeth. The bonds function as a preventive barrier over the molars, protecting them against tooth decay and enamel erosion from the acids deposited by mouth bacteria.

If you are vulnerable to tooth decay or have enamel erosion, consider getting dental sealants offered by Kennedy North Dentistry as a protective measure. The preventive barrier created by bonds will give you peace of mind knowing you have protected your back teeth and will not have to rush to an emergency dentist complaining of severe toothache from holes.

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