Important FAQs about Dental Fillings near You

Important FAQs about Dental Fillings near You

Jul 12, 2023

Most Canadian adults have dental fillings or will need one later. Children also need fillings in their teeth because of overindulgence in sugary and starchy foods clinging to their teeth, forming permanent damage to them.

If you observe black spots on your teeth, it is a reason for you to visit your dentist to understand whether you need a tooth filling to restore a permanently damaged tooth. Dental fillings are the most common procedure in dentistry, and dentists fill millions of teeth annually as a routine procedure. Dentists complete dental fillings quickly and precisely to restore the damage to your tooth.

Even as dental fillers help restore teeth, dentists hope you never need them and constantly advise you on the benefits of brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing them once and visiting them for six monthly exams and cleanings to ensure tooth decay does not develop in your mouth. Unfortunately, you notice no signs of tooth decay until you notice the apparent dark or brown spots on your teeth, causing pain when chewing or biting and aesthetically impacting your appearance if you have a hole in your front teeth.

When you visit your dentist, you will likely have multiple questions to determine how they will restore your tooth. The questions relate to the procedure, the type of dental filling, caring for it, and the discomfort you may experience when getting it.

This article explains some essential FAQs about getting dental fillings near you to help you contact your dentist without fear. The dentist completes the filling procedure within the hour to eliminate the harmful bacteria in your teeth and restore them to full functionality. Kindly continue reading for more information.

The Consultation to Restore Your Teeth

When you need dental fillings in Caledon, ON, the dentist will initially x-ray your tooth to ascertain its sustained damage. They will also verify the position and location of the cavity to recommend appropriate filling material for durability.

The dentist will discuss the cost of the dental filling material and the tooth’s damage, allowing you to choose between different dental fillers. You can choose between dental fillers made from gold, silver amalgam, composite resin, and porcelain. While gold and silver amalgam pillars are durable and last the longest, they are not aesthetically pleasing and are unsuitable for anterior teeth. However, if you prefer having them in the aesthetic zone of your mouth, the dentist will happily provide them if you prefer. However, dentists recommend composite resin fillings for the front teeth to ensure they don’t impact your appearance because the fillers are shaded to match the colour of your remaining teeth. If you prefer, you can have composite resin fillers in your molars to maintain aesthetics, remembering they will cost more than silver amalgam. In addition, you will require replacements every five to seven years. The dentist will fill your teeth after you have decided on the material and are willing to proceed with the treatment.

The Dental Filling Procedure

When getting a cavity filling near you getting your tooth drilled to remove decay is a foregone conclusion. However, dentists are not monsters and will ensure you don’t experience discomfort by numbing your tooth with local anesthesia. Drilling your tooth starts only after it is numb, with all pain impulses blocked.

The dentist uses a dental drill to remove the decayed portion of your tooth to ensure no bacteria is left behind to create additional damage. After the drilling, the dentist disinfects the tooth and prepares it for the filling material. Depending on the material, you will receive your preferred dental filler immediately or in another appointment. The dentist applies silver amalgam and composite resin fillers during your filling procedure. However, if you prefer gold or porcelain veneers, the dentist must have them customized by a dental laboratory necessitating another appointment to restore your tooth.

Caring for Dental Fillings

Caring for dental fillings is easy because you must refrain from eating or drinking until the numbing medication wears off in four to six hours. In addition, you might experience minor sensitivity in the filled tooth, which should soon subside to allow you to use the tooth as usual.

When caring for dental fillings, you must follow your dentist’s instructions for maintaining excellent dental hygiene, skipping sugary and starchy foods and refraining from putting excessive force on the restored teeth because it can damage the fillings. Therefore if you follow your dentist’s instructions, you can expect the filling materials to remain in your teeth for their intended lifespan for needing replacements.

Kennedy North Dentistry routinely performs tooth restorations with dental fillings answering many questions from patients. If you have a decayed tooth needing a filler, kindly arrange an appointment with them to restore your tooth and receive all the information you want on caring for your dental fillers.

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