Myths Surrounding Cosmetic Dentistry

Myths Surrounding Cosmetic Dentistry

Sep 01, 2021

For the longest time, cosmetic dentistry was not something many people thought of. This is largely due to the fact that the procedures were relatively costly and difficult to access. The field has however undergone tremendous changes over the last couple of years, that have turned it into a multifaceted practice. It is no longer just about creating the perfect smile but also looks into improving dentition and facial aesthetics too. Both dentists and patients have learnt to appreciate its value, and this has promoted its popularity.

Even with the benefits associated with cosmetic procedures, our dentist at Merrimack Valley Dental Care has noticed that some patients still shy away it. This is largely to misinformation and myths surrounding the practice. And since it is important that patients are able to make informed decisions, this article debunks some common myths and gives you the truth about cosmetic dentistry.

Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

It is Too Expensive: A number of years back, when it was considered a luxury, this would have been true, but currently it is not the case. As technology evolves, dentists have found easier ways to do things in addition to having a variety of treatment options. Some practices also provide financing plans for patients so that they are able to get the treatment with a budget they can work around. Dental insurance providers are also not just covering restorative dentistry, if you can have your dentist necessitate the need for the procedure, then the insurance can cover for your treatment.

Looks Unnatural: This is absolutely not true! The techniques and technology used today are of much better quality compared to some decades ago. The materials used are also intended to be as discreet as possible and with better feel, appearance and longevity. Take for instance the use of porcelain and tooth colored fillings. Better tech also means increase accuracy. To get crowns, your Nashua dentist may just need to scan your tooth with a laser scanner instead of using the mouth putties that can be very messy. Additionally, all treatment can now be customized to meet the specific needs of a patient.

It Only Improves Appearance: Although aesthetics is implied to be the ultimate goal in cosmetic dentistry, you may still achieve some improvements in the function and overall health of your teeth. It is a good thing that most cosmetic dentists have a background in general dentistry. This enables for wholesome treatment so that your teeth do not just look nice, but they are also able to function properly. Take for example, fixing a cracked or chipped tooth not only makes it look better but also improves the structural integrity of the tooth.

Cosmetic Procedures Damages Natural Teeth: Dentists are committed to saving your natural and healthy tooth, at all times. Therefore, you will get recommendation based on this mission whenever possible. Provided you are working with a well-trained and skilled dentist, there is no risk of damaging your natural teeth unnecessarily. The idea is to always find an option that fits your situation with the best possible outcome.

It is Painful: Dental treatments no longer have to be a nightmare for you. For both general and aesthetic dentistry, sedation can be used to numb patients from any pain while at the same time keeping them calm. Modern technology has also made some treatments minimally invasive while reducing the amount of time needed to complete dental works. Just make sure to discuss all your concerns with your dentist to allow create a treatment plan that best suits you. Sedation may not be necessary for certain procedures, but you may be suffering from dental phobia. And if your dentist knows this beforehand, he will plan on how to keep you comfortable by sedating you with laughing gas/nitrous oxide.

Cosmetic dentistry can have a significant impact of your appearance which consequently affects your self-esteem and confidence. It is also an invest you are making that may probably last for life. The good thing is that you do not have to figure it all on your own. Merrimack Valley Dental Care in Nashua, NH will walk the journey to the perfect smile with you. Schedule your appointment today!

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