Dental Fillings in Caledon, ON

Dental fillings appear aesthetic and prevent cavities from spreading. The procedure is quick and painless, and our dentist will examine your fillings during checkups for damage or cracks.

Although tooth fillings are hard, they are prone to damage or slipping out at times.

Why Dental Fillings May Fall Out at Times

Dental fillings may sometimes come loose if the cavity is not dry enough or if the decayed material has not been cleaned out thoroughly. Decay in the surrounding area may force the cavity to spread even after a filling has been inserted.

Teeth can be filled with porcelain, gold, silver amalgam. Our highly skilled dentists in Caledon, ON carefully insert dental fillings so that the cavity is completely sealed. Glass ionomer fillings are more prone to breaking even though they are known to be more resistant to humidity.

What You Should Do If the Dental Filling Falls Out

If your filling has slipped out or broken, you should visit one of our dentists near you at the earliest. Leaving the cavity exposed may increase the risks of re-infection.

You can swab the area with a little clove oil to dull pain and sensitivity until you visit Kennedy North Dentistry for treatment. If the tooth is still structurally sound, our dentist will clean out the decayed material and place a fresh filling in the cavity.

Homecare Dos and Don’ts for Loose Dental Fillings

We also suggest the following tips if your dental filling has fallen out:

  • Avoid chewing with the tooth in question; choose to bite with the unaffected part of your oral cavity
  • Refrain from biting down into hard, sweet and sticky foods like toffee
  • Gently brush around the area and rinse your mouth with warm salt water or a mouthwash to clean the area

Our dentist may first try to repair the old filling before considering replacing it entirely. The dentist will first re-assess the cavity and recommend the best filling for your requirement. For assistance with tooth decay and cavity treatment near Brampton, Mayfield please call us for high-quality dental fillings in Caledon, ON.

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