Dental Implants in Caledon, ON

If you’re looking for permanent, lasting, and durable restorations for missing teeth, dental implants in Caledon, ON could be the ideal solution for your needs.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the titanium or zirconium roots of artificial teeth that allow the dentist to place crowns or bridges at a later date, once the jawbone has healed. They can support a single artificial tooth or multiple teeth in the oral cavity.

The dental surgeon uses dental implants to restore missing teeth, and unlike dentures or partials, these feel and look like natural teeth. Our skilled dentists near you will perform a safe surgery to embed the dental implants, and once the jawbone heals, we will attach the crown or bridges to the implant.

The entire process may take up to three to four months to complete.

Bone Grafting Before Dental Implants

For some patients, bone grafting is a necessary part of the dental implant process as the patient may not have adequate jawbone density. When you lose teeth due to bone loss, decay, or periodontal disease, there is also some resulting bone loss.

Bone grafting is a process that helps regenerate bone before the dental implant procedure can be performed; it helps create a more stable and solid foundation for dental implants. Once the bone grafting procedure is complete, the dental implant procedure can move forward.

If you’re considering getting dental implants or other restorations, we suggest visiting our trained dentists in Caledon, ON, for an assessment and diagnosis. Call Kennedy North Dentistry near Brampton, Mayfield area for to know more about dental implants procedure.

Are Dental Implants at Kennedy North Dentistry Successful?

Dental implant procedures enjoy an unprecedented success rate, and most of our patients are extremely satisfied with them. However, certain factors may impact the lifespan of dental implants:

  • Habits like smoking may reduce the lifespan.
  • Diabetes or hypertension may sometimes affect the longevity of implants. We will discuss your medical and health history in detail before recommending solutions.
  • Quality of jawbone
  • The right dimensions, including length and diameter
  • Dental implants near you need to be skillfully placed by trained prosthodontists for the best results.
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