Endodontics in Caledon, ON

Endodontists in Caledon, ON work to maintain the health of the dental pulp and root tissues of the tooth. If you need a root canal, your family dentist may have referred you to Kennedy North Dentistry to receive treatment.

What is Endodontics?

This area of dentistry focuses on the dental pulp and tissues surrounding the tooth. When the pulp, or soft tissue, inside the root becomes irritated or inflamed, endodontists provide treatment. This is typically done through a root canal, but in severe cases, endodontic surgery may also be done.

Root Canal Treatment

The inflammation or the infection of the root can come from untreated decay or a crack in the tooth. When this occurs, measures must be taken to save the tooth. If left alone for further amounts of time, the tooth could become quite painful or even abscess.

During a root canal, our dentists will remove the infected, unhealthy pulp from the area. They will clean the root and seal the space. Depending on the patient, a form of sedation may be supplied if requested. Once the root canal has been done, a dental crown may be placed over the tooth to protect it moving forward.

Although root canals have typically been regarded as quite invasive procedures, advancements in technology have made it a much simpler process. For more severe infections, several appointments may be needed. Our dentists will be able to determine the severity of your infection and the number of necessary appointments.

Endodontic treatment is also given to teeth that have been through a traumatic injury. If you’ve suffered a blow to the mouth or had a tooth knocked out, the pulp will sustain a measure of damage. These injuries may even cause the root to cease growing. Our endodontists will perform a treatment to restore the tooth.

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