General Dentistry in Caledon, ON

Are you looking for a dentist near you who can provide a wide range of treatment options such as root canals and tooth extraction as well as treatment for bruxism and emergency dental care? As a leading multi-specialty dentist in Caledon, our dentists can do exactly that! Keep reading to learn more about general dentistry near you from the expert team at Kennedy North Dentistry.

Why Choose a General Dentist in Caledon?

Although there may be an occasion when our dentists may partner with a dental specialist, almost every dental procedure can be accommodated in our comfortable and family-friendly office. Patients especially appreciate the convenience of one-stop general dentistry in Caledon, ON, because it saves time by not having to run to one dentist for their children’s dentistry and another for their preventive dental care such as gum disease treatment or exams and cleanings.

Consider These Hidden Advantages

If you have a child who is involved in sports, you want to choose a dentist that is equipped to not only prevent sports-related injuries with a custom fit mouthguard but one that is available for emergency dental care if an injury occurs.

Likewise, when your child accompanies you to your appointment at Kennedy North Dentistry, they will see first-hand how friendly our dentist’s office is. Our staff is specially trained to make sure that every patient, regardless of their age, learns that dental care can be fun!

One way that many parents introduce their children to gentle dentistry is to have them undergo a fluoride treatment. Not only does our dentist make this pain-free procedure fun for your little one, but you’ll get the added peace-of-mind that you’ve taken every precaution to ensure a winning adult smile for your child.

General Dentistry Near You

Instead of continuing to search for a dentist near you that can provide a wide range of General Dentistry Services such as treatment for bruxism, tooth extraction, root canals, preventive dentistry, and more, we invite you to call our dental office near Brampton, Mayfield area to make an appointment for the expert general dental care our dentists have already provided to countless patients in Caledon, ON. You can also use our convenient online booking tool as an even simpler way to make your appointment. Whichever you choose, we’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

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