Oral Cancer Screenings in Caledon, ON

Oral cancer is highly treatable when detected and diagnosed on time, which is why we, at Kennedy North Dentistry, recommend scheduling regular oral cancer screenings in Caledon, ON.

Most people are unaware that the dentist is one of the first lines of defense against oral cancer. Getting oral cancer screening does not mean that you have oral cancer; it only means you are getting screened for it.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Oral Cancer Screening

The success of cancer treatment often depends on the stage at which it is detected and diagnosed. Your dentist checks for your signs of oral cancer during routine dental checkups, and the process only takes about ten to fifteen minutes.

Oral cancer, which often shows up as cancer of the tongue, lips, cheek, and hard and soft palate, can become life-threatening if not treated early. Our dentists in Caledon, ON, suggest that getting yourself screened for oral cancer increases the chances of recovery and healing.

Preparing for Oral Cancer Screenings near You

First, the dental hygienist will update your medical history, especially if you have started any new medications or had a new diagnosis. We will begin with a lifestyle review and ask you questions regarding your habits.

Patients who smoke and drink are at even higher risk, and our trained dental team counsels our patients to make positive lifestyle choices. We encourage all our patients to share any concerns they may have.

Oral Cancer Procedure at Kennedy North Dentistry

The dentist will examine your face, neck, lips, teeth, tongue, and cheeks to check for lumps, masses, sores, discolorations, or growths. If we notice any abnormalities, we may recommend a biopsy for an accurate diagnosis or refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

If you notice red or white lesions or sores that do not heal for over two weeks, do not wait for your regular dental checkup; please schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening test near Brampton, Caledon at your earliest convenience.

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