Preventive Dentistry in Caledon, ON

Dental problems can arise that need to be taken care of immediately before they worsen. If you need preventive dentistry near you give our trusted team a call today. At Kennedy North Dentistry in Caledon, ON, we provide you with the care you need to ensure that your teeth stay healthy.

What Is It?

Preventive dentistry is the service of caring for your dental issues before they become problematic. Our dentists in Caledon, ON, will educate you on how to properly care for your oral health while providing you with the treatment you need.

We provide preventive dentistry in Caledon, ON, by cleaning your teeth and looking for potential issues in your mouth. If we find anything that raises concern, we will accommodate your needs to prevent further problems from arising.

Who Needs Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry can be beneficial to a wide range of people. Those who regularly play sports, for example, are at risk for damage to their teeth. We can provide mouthguards to ensure that your teeth, gums, lips, and tongue are protected at all times. This is an excellent precaution that can even prevent concussions.

Patients with tooth decay are also prime candidates for preventive dental care. By filling cavities and using other precautionary methods, we can work to restore your teeth and prevent further decay and potential tooth loss.

How Long Does Preventive Dentistry Treatment Take?

Depending on your situation, you may need to be seen over the course of several appointments to ensure you get the care you need. You may need to be fitted for a guard, in which case a custom piece will have to be specially made just for your mouth.

If you have multiple cavities that need to be filled, we may need to schedule you for several visits. If you just need a teeth cleaning and exam, this is often done in a single visit.

If you need a dentist near you who can provide you with preventive dentistry in Brampton, Mayfield area please call our trusted professional team at Kennedy North Dentistry today. We look forward to assisting you with all of your dental needs.

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