Signs You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

Signs You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

Oct 01, 2020

With different dental situations, it can be hard to determine which one is an emergency. In some cases, the discomfort and pain you experience won’t let you wait until it’s morning to go to your dentist for treatment. Also, waiting until the regular office hours determines whether you get to keep your injured or knocked out tooth or not.
Do you know which dental situations are considered to be emergencies? If not, below are the signs you need an emergency dentist near you:

Signs You Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Here are the signs you need to make an appointment with your Caledon Dentist:

Broken Tooth

If your chipped tooth and not experiencing pain, you don’t need emergency dental care and can wait until it’s morning or Monday in case it’s a weekend. When you have a broken or knocked-out tooth, you are likely to experience excruciating pain and discomfort to an extent you can’t sleep.

Seeking emergency dental care will not only help in managing the pain but also help in saving your tooth. When responding to a dental situation such as a broken or knocked-out tooth, you should begin by contacting your emergency dentist.

To ensure you save your tooth, the appointment should be within an hour after the accident. First, collect your knocked-out tooth, clean it, and store it in milk. Alternatively, you can try placing it correctly into the socket.

Unexplained Toothaches

When you are experiencing severe and unexplained toothaches, you might be having gum disease or infection on your tooth. If the pain is mild, you can try at-home remedies for toothaches such as using a cold compress, warm saline water, and peppermint teabags.

However, if the pain persists or increases its severity, you should contact the nearest emergency dentist and book an appointment. Worst case scenario, you can have a tooth abscess. The abscess can cause a lot of pain that you can’t open your mouth.

In some cases, you can experience symptoms such as fever, swelling, and tooth sensitivity. Therefore, you should consider finding an emergency dental clinic near you.

Bleeding Gums

If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis, it is not abnormal to experience bleeding on your gums when you brush or floss your teeth. However, if you experience severe and continuous bleeding, you should not ignore it.
Sometimes the bleeding can be a result of dental injury, while most of the time, it is due to periodontitis. Therefore, you should consider booking an appointment for immediate treatments. On your way to the dentist’s office or emergency room, you can bite a teabag on the site of bleeding or use a clean piece of clothing.

Swollen Jaw

A swollen jaw or mouth can be a result of many things. Some of the causes of a swollen jaw include infections, swollen lymph nodes, or in rare cases, oral cancer. Oral cancer can be fatal if left untreated. Therefore, you should consider regular dental exams and cleanings, since your dentist or oral hygienist can screen you for cancer during the procedure.

Also, the swelling can be due to gum disease. Therefore, you should contact an emergency dentist for immediate dental care. When the swelling is minor, you can try placing an ice pack over the swollen face.

Taste of Coins in Your Mouth

Do you have a taste of pennies in your mouth? That could be a sign of a cracked or chipped dental crown. Also, the taste of coins can be a result of a loose filling. If left untreated, you could be at risk of developing infections or further damage, thus leads to the need for a more complex procedure such as a root canal treatment.

Benefits of Having an Emergency Dentist

By having an emergency dentist, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Early pain management
  • Increased chances of saving your tooth
  • Preventing the need for more complex dental procedures
  • Fast treatments that translate to early recovery
  • You may know when things are getting worse

Finding an Emergency Dentist Near Me

Are you looking for a provider for emergency dentistry in Caledon, ON? At Kennedy North Dentistry, you will find a team of experienced dentists at your service. Don’t suffer the agony of pain and discomfort and book an appointment with an emergency dentist near you.

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