What Is a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

What Is a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

Apr 01, 2022

Your oral health significantly impacts overall health; therefore, your mouth must be healthy. A comprehensive dental exam is ideal for keeping your mouth healthy. The procedure is in two stages – dental cleaning and oral examination. Although the entire process takes about two hours, it is worthwhile.

Because dentists in Caledon do a thorough job on your mouth, you only need to visit the dentists every six months, except if you have significant oral health problems. However, despite the benefits of exams, some people hardly visit dentists because of their dental anxiety.

However, understanding what a comprehensive dental checkup and cleaning entail may reduce your anxiety and show you how important the process is.

What Does a Comprehensive Dental Exam Entail?

Dental exams are thorough. They aim to evaluate your overall oral hygiene, review the risk of dental diseases, and diagnose deeper dental issues. This section discusses what goes on at a comprehensive dental examination and cleaning in detail.

Medical Review

The first step in dental exams and cleanings in Caledon, ON, is reviewing your medical and dental history, including your last checkup. You’ll also discuss your oral hygiene routine and any pain and discomfort you may be feeling

Dental Cleaning

During a dental cleaning, your dentist will examine your mouth, checking for signs of gum disease and cavities. Afterward, the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth, removing plaque and tartar buildup, then polish the teeth. Also, in some cases, you may get a fluoride treatment.


As part of your dental exam and cleaning in Caledon, ON, your dentist will also take an x-ray of your mouth to assess serious issues that are invisible to the eyes. Therefore, your dentist can check the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw, offering the best treatment to avoid oral issues.

Oral Cancer Exam

A comprehensive dental examination involves oral cancer screening. During this stage, your dentist will examine your neck, jaw, cheeks, lips, and mouth to check for signs of oral cancer. Early warning signs of oral cancer include difficulty chewing or swallowing, pain and tenderness in the oral cavity, persistent bleeding sores, and red or white spots.

Patients who smoke, drink alcohol, or consume an unhealthy diet, are more likely to have symptoms of oral cancer. Similar to other types of cancer, early detection is critical in treating oral cancer

Dental Impressions

Although dentists don’t take your dental impression every time you get a routine checkup, when they do so, it is to examine your bite or to create a bleaching tray or nightguard, depending on your oral health problem.

Your dentist will place a horse-shaped tray in your mouth during this stage, covering your upper and lower teeth. You’ll have to bite down on the soft material for a few minutes, helping the dentist review your bite. If you don’t have a proper bite, your dentist will create a solution depending on your bite’s condition.

What Happens After the Examination and Cleaning?

After your comprehensive oral examination and cleaning, your “dentist near me” at Kennedy North Dentistry will review the results with you and let you know if there is any need for an additional visit. If you have a cavity or tooth decay, your dentist will create a treatment plan that may require visiting the dental clinic at a later time

Furthermore, your dentist will guide you on the best oral hygiene practice, ensuring you’re taking care of your teeth as well as possible.


Comprehensive dental examinations are ideal for finding oral health issues before they become huge problems. Your dentist will remove plaque and tartar buildup during the process and give you recommendations on the best oral hygiene practice.

Ideally, it would be best to visit a dentist for a routine checkup every six months. However, if you hardly visit the dentist due to dental anxiety, now is the time to start. A comprehensive oral examination is straightforward and painless.

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