Why You Need to Consider Having a Family Dentist

Why You Need to Consider Having a Family Dentist

Mar 01, 2021

How would you feel if all your dental issues are addressed under one roof? A family dentist is solely responsible for handling the dental problems of your entire family. The family dentist near you works closely with other oral health specialists to ensure your overall wellness. It’s crucial to incorporate a family dentist to provide dental care to you and your family. Having a family dentist ensures your kids preserve a naturally beautiful smile and have cavity-free dental. It would be best to find an ideal family dentist for all your preventive, restorative and general dentistry services.

What’s Family Dentistry?

At Kennedy North Dentistry, our family dentists provide dental care from infancy to adulthood. It enables us to monitor your dental care history and address your needs. We provide personalized care and specialize in a wide range of services related to your oral hygiene. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Fluoride treatment and applying dental sealants to combat cavities at early stages
  • Routine dental exams and cleaning to monitor your oral health and treat the underlying issue.
  • Orthodontic treatment that ensures your dental is aligned appropriately.
  • Gum disease treatment and scaling procedures to manage gingivitis and other periodontal diseases
  • Replacement of old fillings and prevention of dental cavities

The Role of Your Family dentist in Restorative Dentistry

If you have severely damaged or missing teeth, our family dentist in Caledon, ON, can provide you with ideal restorative appliances. We repair cavities and provide appropriate treatment for your underlying dental issues. We also offer personalized treatment on mouth trauma and restore your dental functionalities. Our dental care is multifaceted, and it incorporates various fields, including periodontics and endodontics. Restorative dental procedures save your natural dental outlook by:

  • Replacing missing teeth using dentures, bridges and dental implants
  • Use of dental fillings and dental bonding to repair damaged teeth
  • Application of restorative prosthetics to replace missing tooth parts

The Role of a Family Dentist for Your Child

It’s crucial to take your kid to a Family Dental clinic once the first tooth emerges from the gum line. Your family dentist monitors your child’s dental health progress and guides you on the right dental habits for your kid.  The family dentist may schedule appointments to offer progressive oral hygiene as your child’s teeth develop. If your child’s teeth don’t erupt correctly, they may affect the eating style, speech, and dental aesthetics.

Routine check-ups prevent plaque build-up and ensure your family has healthy teeth and gum tissues. Your specialist can quickly identify signs of decay and provide a proper treatment plan to reverse the formation of cavities. Once you take your kid to the family dentist near you, the dentist will evaluate the teeth growth and eruptions patterns and advise you on how to preserve your child’s gum tissues and teeth from infection. You’ll find insight on dental emergencies and various dietary tips.

Preventive dentistry at Kennedy North Dentistry

At our Family Dental Clinic, we value quality oral health, and we provide you with preventive care options to preserve your oral tissues from infections and damage. We recommend you to follow the following oral hygiene regimen:

  • Floss and brush your teeth regularly using recommended toothpaste
  • Rinse using non-abrasive mouth rinses to kill bacteria and prevent the formation of plaque
  • Observe an ideal dietary lifestyle that involves non-acidic beverages and less snacking that cause deterioration of your teeth
  • Undergo oral cancer screening to enable our team to address the cancerous lesions early and prevent further spread.
  • Maintain periodic schedules with your Family dental clinic for dental exams and professional cleaning

Our family dentist in Caledon, ON, performs periodontal therapy in addressing advanced gum disease that leads to tooth loss if left untreated.  We perform various dental examinations and address underlying issues that may lead to further complications in the future.  Untreated oral health conditions may require extensive procedures, and it’s crucial to follow all preventive measures provided by your family dentist. Some oral health issues are linked with life-threatening diseases, including diabetes and heart failure, and it’s vital to consult your dentist.

If you’re looking for a family dentist, Kennedy North Dentistry is an ideal option for you. We offer comprehensive dental care services for your family through specialized and personalized schedules. Please visit us today and transform your dental care experience today!

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